Monday, February 28, 2011

Selling your collected treasures.

I had a couple of guys come by the shop today to sell me some items that they have collected.  They just wanted what money they put into them and were befuddled when I told them that I would give them 1/3 of there current value.  You see they didn't understand that dealers have to double or triple their money.  We can pay up to 50% of the going price if it's a quick seller.  We have to clean, repair, price and display the item, let alone pay for rent, supplies and any banking fees involved in selling.  Some times it is a gamble to buy an item we are unfamiliar with.  Well there you have it!  Please be realistic and adjust your thinking to the reality of the market.  Not sure what amount to ask?  Check with your reliable Certified Appraiser.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Antique Wooden Washing Machine

Lately I have seEn several wooden hand crank washing machines come through my door for an appraisal.  These tubs are not very marketable anymore and clients are wondering if they can get ANY money for them.  Unfortunately they sell for about $25 -$75 for a single tub, more for a double.
Why would anyone bye these?  Mostly for porch decor or flower displays.  Old tubs are great on a porch for tossing in muddy items or organizing outdoor playthings.  Since they are designed for water it makes a great drink cooler and easily drains.  As for use as a flower display they are wonderful for trailing plants and are cheaper than an equal sized traditional pot.  So take a second look at your old wood or galvanized wash tubs and up-cycle them for todays use.