Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Baccarat  paperweight
This is a Baccarat scattered millefiori weight 2 3/4" valued at $600.  How do we know if this a paperweight is by Baccarat?  There should be a cane with a 'B' some where in the paperweight.
When it comes to valuing millefiori weights, size and sthe number of canes used to make the silhouettes are all-important .  The more the better!  The silhouettes are made by placing rods of different colored glass together, cutting them into sections and placing them on end so they resemble tiny flowers.  This one is very desirable as the letter "B" for Baccarat and the date 1848 are visible on one cane.  The flowers are set against a carpet of tumbled muslin composed of opaque white latticinio canes.  The passion for collecting weights revived in 1960s and many factories are once again producing fine quality examples.  Be sure to purchase from a reputable dealer.